How to create an account

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How to create an account

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:10 pm

Creating an account on

1. Click "Register" Button at the top.
2. Select "I agree to these terms"
3. Fill in your "Username" (Please use your IGN or your real name)
4. Fill in your "E-mail Address"
5. Fill in your "Password"
6. Click "Next"
7. Fill in your "Password" again to confirm
8. Complete the "Confirmation code" as seen in the picture
9. Click "Save"

Verifying your account through email

10. Log into your email and click onto the verification link in the FTnest Email (If you do not see the Email, check your junk folder)
11. Wait for a FairyTail Moderator to accept your registration (may take up to 24 hours) This step can be done quickly if you notify a FairyTail Moderator that you have signed up.

Now you are done!


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